Hi, I'm Mark.

I'm a software engineer that tries to be a decent, open-minded person.

Welcome to my!

If you are looking for my code, you can find all of the open-source bits and pieces on GitHub.

Recently, I joined E.ON as a senior dev/ops engineer. Previously, I worked on the agency software-as-a-service HQ and its reimagined companion Q. at HQLabs.

# Want to work with me?

I'm a bit introverted. In line with this, I prefer a quiet working environment with a small team.

Also, I'm a night owl. This means I feel most energetic and productive in the evening or at night, outside of regular business hours. After having a good night's sleep, I usually start working close to noon.

I'm pretty comfortable in both front- and backend, and I dabble in (dev) ops from time to time. I think no code > correct code > simple, maintainable code > performant code, but I'm willing to throw exceptions for good reasons on a case by case basis. I usually document and test my code appropriately, even if it takes a little longer (in most cases, it's well worth the effort).

I enjoy learning new things. So when I do, I easily drift off into the depths of the internet, the terminal, a game, or a book for a few hours - without noticing time fly by.

Hand in hand with this, I also like to share knowledge of all sorts! From technical tutorials for my co-workers (for example, Docker: Step by Step), to programming trainings, to "How does the internet even work?"-workshops for everyone.

At times, I'm an imperfect perfectionist and/or a minimalist so I probably enjoy refactoring and code reviews more than the average person. Plus, I hate typos.

# Found a typo or, worse, a bug?

Please let me know! The source code of this site is available on GitHub. Issues, PRs and feedback of any kind are welcome!

# Any questions? Wanna say hello?

Feel free to send me an email, or just DM me on Twitter.


PS: The initial design of this site was inspired by Sindre Sorhus' website. The content and personal nature of this site are partially inspired by Molly White's manager-README. And the icons used on this site are by Font Awesome, free, and CC BY 4.0-licensed.